We live in very scary times at the moment.  

But there are ways you can fortify yourself with your money mindset and also implement basic money strategies so you can survive and thrive.


Understand what you can do now 

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Inducted into the hall of fame in 2017 as one the top 5 “lady mover and shakers in the money industry” in Australia.


I’m Christina

As the Money Muse, Heart based Money Coach and Mindset Mentor to women, my superpower is to be able to create light bulb moments for women and their money stuff. I do that by translating seemingly difficult money concepts into easy to understand and empowering clarity that leads to genuine relief from worry and inspired action around money.

In the ebook, I will not only cover 12 mindset shifts that you need to embrace to get you through these scary times, I will also give you practical tips you can use immediately to instantly feel calmer with your money.  

Just doing this one little thing will start your journey of being a Money Smart Woman during these uncertain times and who does not want a little bit of that. 

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