Start instantly feeling good about the Money Path you are on, so you can positively move forward to create effortless wealth!

If you are not quite ready for 1:1 Money Coaching with me, come join the Money Smart Woman Academy and upskill yourself about all things money, including the secret drivers that help you become super effective around money. 


This is a great place to start your journey to money wisdom one little step at a time. 

Learn What You Actually Need to Know to Unlock Your Wisdom of Wealth

The Money Smart Woman Academy is a membership site where you can decide the level of learning, coaching and support that you want to receive for all things money. 


You choose how you want to connect with the Money Muse and how much you want to upskill yourself around your money mindset and money skills. 

The Academy is currently under construction, but here are some of the things that you can look forward to once it is released. 


The Money Smart Woman Academy will be Jam Packed

The Money Smart Woman Academy will be jam packed with resources that will help you gain clarity around money mindset and money concepts and even allow you to create a plan on how to become money smart. 

Remember, my super power is to be able to translate seemingly difficult to money concepts into easy to understand and empowering clarity. 

The resources on offer at the Money Smart Woman Academy will open your eyes to the fact that money is not scary, allowing you to confidently embrace new money concepts instead of shying away from them

So here we go, the preview….

Sneak Preview

As a Money Smart Woman Academy member and depending on the membership level you chose, you will have access to:

Basic to Brilliance Mini-Courses

Bite sized courses covering one topic at a time to get you started immediately 


Here are some of the topics that will be on offer:

  • Learn the 5 Traits to Make You Money Smart, my “Warren Buffet Invests like a Girl” insights

    This has you understanding how, as a woman, you are wired for success because you possess the natural traits that one of the wealthiest men in the world (Warren Buffet) states are essential for financial and life prosperity

  • The Money Smart Woman Empowerment Formula – the difference that makes the difference

    Discover the Most Important Equation that is currently missing from your money creation activities so you can more effortlessly grow your wealth and feel rich every day – this is a goodie

  • Discover the World of Money Archetypes

    Do you find yourself frustrated that you are not getting anywhere with your money? Chances are one or more of your Money Archetypes are sabotaging you. Take a guided field trip around Money Archetypes and how they work and how they are influencing your bahaviour around money.  

  • How to avoid Money Overwhelm

    Understand how to effectively use the “Learning Curve” to your advantage. This process is the difference between you staying where you are and moving through your fears, challenges and being able to live an enriched life

Stepping Stones to Financial Freedom

No one ever goes from no money to lots of money. Understanding that there is path to financial freedom and what that looks like will give you clarity on where you are now and what you need to do to get to freedom.  

Quick and Easy Cashflow

Understand what really goes on with your cash flow by knowing the difference between Wealth Cycle and Lifestyle Cycle and how to set yourself up to consistently build your wealth

The 60-40 Money Management System

Discover the really Effective Money Management System that allow you to have the money you want and need to do the things you want to do in your life

  • Discover the 5 Wealth Acceleration Variables

    Like a Rubics Cube, there are variables that you can play with to super charge your wealth creation. Discover what they are and how you can use them to increase your wealth quick smart. 

  • Inspired Money Goal Setting

    Using the MAP system. This makes it easy for you to understand the what, where, who and how of setting goals that make sense, are compelling and motivating which means you will take the inspired action you need to achieve the things that are most important to you

  • How to speak to your partner about money

    Finally be able to share your money vision with your partner and actually feel like you are on the same page.  What to say, how to say it and how to create a common plan that you both can be excited about. 

  • Exclusive Downloads

    No need to re-invent the wheel.  I have got you covered. Receive Bonus Actionable Lists, Tools, Cheat sheets, Spending Plan and Handbooks that cover all mini courses so you can refer back to it any time you want to.

  • Monthly Live Group Calls with the Christina

    Every month Christina will hold a live group call session using Zoom where she will cover topics of interest.  This is your chance to ask questions about the e-courses. 

  • Articles Library and Reading list

    You will have access to articles that Christina will curate covering topics on money, mindset, personal leadership and effectiveness and more, plus you will have access to her reading list. 

  • Access to the Money Coaching with Christina Private Facebook Group 

    Nothing like feeling you belong to a tribe of likeminded women.  Gain ongoing support, ask questions, learn more, share your wins and be cheered on in a safe, supportive community of likeminded Money Smart Women in this private group.

  • VIP discounts to paid course 

    As a member you will receive a 10% and early board priority invitations to all courses or events. 

And more...

Achieving financial security is like a combination lock when the right keys fit, good things happen!

The great thing for you is that you’re going to learn exactly what these keys are and what to do with them when you sign up to the Money Smart Woman Academy.

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